• wood pallet machine

Wood Pallet Machine

Single mould wood pallet machine

wood pallet machine is also called presswood pallet machine,wood pallet molding machine,compressed wood pallet machine,which is a new type of one time...
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Single head pallet block machine

Single head pallet block machine is used to produce blocks for wood pallets. The working principle is that the hydraulic cylinder provides high...
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Double heads wood block machine

Double heads wood block machine mainly using wood sawdust and shaving or other scrap woods and others agricultural waste like cotton seeds, shell husk...
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Why Choose Us?

Sawdust drying machine installation in Tunisia

Mexico customer visit and make the order for wood pallet press machine

In 2016, India clients visited and tests wood pallet machine

In 2016, South Africa clients order a press pallet block production line

South Africa customers visit our company and test pallet block machine

Iranian customers visit and tests wood pallet machine

Tests presswood pallet machine

India customers visit our company and tests sawdust block machine

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