wood pallet feet block machine

Wood pallet feet block machine is a woodworking machine used to produce wood pallet feet block by hot pressing technology, you can use wood waste materials to make it, such as wood chips, sawdust, wood scraps, waste pallets etc, Wood pallet feet block machine is a very good equipment for wood waste recycle.

wood pallet feet block machine
double heads wood pallet feet block machine

The wood pallet feet block is different from traditional wood pallet feet, first the cost is much lower than it, and the quality is much strong than it, and it can be recycled, following is the wood pallet feet block levels.

Wood pallet feet block levels

Item A-level B-level
Dynamic loading capacity 2.5-3 Tons 1-1.5 Tons
Density 550-600kg/m³ Less than 550kg/m³
Dimension (L*W) 70×70-145x145mm 70×70-145x145mm
Hollow or solid accept accept
85% Sawdust (dry) 470-510kg Less than 470kg
15% Glue liquid 70kg-77kg Less than 70kg

Wood pallet feet block machine features

wood pallet feet block using
wood pallet feet block using

Strong Quality

  1. High nail retention resistance
  2. Longer service life
  3. Constant quality

Environmental Protection

  1. Environmental-friendly material
  2. Contains no CFCs
  3. Biologically degradable

Save Space

  1. No splitting
  2. Small space required for storage
  3. Low need for repairs

Easy to Export

  1. ISPM 15
  2. No SIREX treatment required
  3. No mold or insect damage

Stable Structure

  1. No drying costs – moisture on delivery 8 %
  2. True to size with uniform moisture content
  3. Retains shape with fluctuating temperatures

High Benefit

  1. Ready for installation
  2. More efficient production
  3. No investment for crosscutting
  4. No off-cuts, no waste
wood pallet feet block machine
wood pallet feet block machine

How to make wood pallet feet block?

  1. chipping wood materials to chips if needed
  2. crushing chips to sawdust if needed
  3. drying the sawdust
  4. mixing the sawdust with glue average
  5. feeding and waiting for product molding

if you are working in woodworking industry, you may own some of the above equipment. You only need to purchase wood pallet feet block machine and other auxiliary equipment.

More details and videos, you can contact us by message or email, we will plan a best wood pallet feet production solution that suits you.

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