Introduction of  Triple heads wood pallet block machine

Triple heads wood pallet block machine is mainly using wood sawdust and shaving or other scrap woods and others agricultural waste like cotton seeds, shell husks as raw materials, mixing with glue in an certain ratio, extruding wood block by hot press heating pressure.

Triple heads wood pallet block machine

The final wood pallet block can be used as tray and foot pier replaced log, also can be used in export package, free fumigation, and free quarantine.

wood pallet block machine is one of the key part of the wood pallet block production line, including the dryer, the gluing machine, grinder and conveyor, manual or automatic cutting machine or saw. Final block is insects prevention, and protection against termites and do not easy to burn;

Triple heads wood block machine


Sawdust or shavings

Sawdust or shavings

wood pallet block machine includes Triple heads wood block machine, double heads wood block machine and single head pallet block machine.

Technical Parameter

Size(mm) Weight(kg) Power(Kw) Density(kg/m3) Capacity(m3/24h)
4800*900*1420 1250-2000 12-19 550-600kg 5-9
Block size: 75-140 in width, 75-140 in length. Customized by customer required.

ThoYu has a professional technical and service team, with more than 10 years’ experience of overseas installation and after-sales service. We also provide wood scrap recycling solution, thus you can build pallet blocks(used in EPAL pallet, learn more ) or presswood pallet(new fumigation-free pallet, learn more ), more information please feel free to contact us.


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