Introduction of small capacity wood crusher

Small capacity wood crusher for wood log  is a special equipment to produce wood chips, which is widely used in particleboard, medium and high density fiberboard factory and other wood industries. our wood crusher for wood log has advanced and compact structure, high-quality chipping, widely applicable of raw materials, easy operation and low maintenance.

Our small capacity wood crushing machine has 2 feeding ports, one for small raw material like branches and the other for big materials like boards and logs. It can separate the nails from old woods.

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Parameter of  small capacity wood crusher

Model TYWC600 TYWCSP800 TYWC1000
Cutter head Diameter (mm) 610 750 1000
Cutter Numbers(mm) 4 8 8
Cutter Diameter(mm) 150*70*8 150*100*10 150*100*10
Diameter of Inlet(mm) 190*150 140*220 220*300
Rotary Speed (r/h) 600 560 1200
Power(KW) 15 30 45kw
Dimension(mm) 980*880*950 1750*800*1100 2000*1500*1200
Capacity 0.5-1t/h 1.5-2t/h 3-4t/h
Weight(Kg) 320 500 1000
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