wood waste

In just one year, Singapore’s furniture factory can produce more than 500,000 tons of wood waste. This waste is mainly in the form of sawdust,how to deal with the wood waste is a big problem,so this is why wood waste recycling is important in Singapore.

wood waste
wood waste

we have some method to recycle wood waste,traditional is using wood waste to generating heat by burning,this method is widely used, but the utilization rate of waste is too low,despite this, many factories are still using this traditional method to handle sawdust.

Second, you can sell it directly,this is a very simple and convenient method, but the sale price is much lower than the price of raw materials.

Third, you can use wood waste to make wood pellet as biomass fuel,this method can greatly increase the utilization of waste, and it can bring about certain economic benefits,However, the cost of investing in a biomass pellet production line is also relatively high.

Four, you can make wood block,which is used to wood pallet as feet,this is a good wood waste recycling solution,the average cost of this wood blocks is much lower than solid wood blocks, you can sell them to wood pallet manufacturer,normally the cost of wood block production line is reasonable, if you have extensive sales channels,You can recover costs within a year or less.

wood waste recycling
sawdust wood block making machine

Five, another method is similar to previous method,which is using wood waste to make presswood pallet, yeah, you can make pallet directly,also you can sell the pallet to logistics warehousing company,the cost of presswood pallet is 50% lower than wood pallet,also the quality is much higher than wood pallet, maybe you will ask me about the cost of presswood pallet production line,this cost is depends on your capacity and raw material prices,if you are interested in presswood pallet or wood block, you can feel free to contact us, we will give a best solution for you.

presswood pallet making machine
presswood pallet making machine

Ablove all, wood waste recycling is important in our daily life, how to choose a suitable waste recycling method is very important, which is depending on the local market conditions, economic capabilities, etc. ThoYu is a professional woodworking machine manufacturer, which contains of presswood pallet making machine, sawdust pallet block making machine, molded plastic pallet making machine and other auxiliary equipments in these production lines.

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