Pallets are widely used for packaging and shipping a variety of products. All too often, they end up being thrown away after a single use. Fortunately, there are processors in China who focus exclusively on pallet reuse and recycling.

In today’s economy, businesses and institutions recycle pallets because it saves them money on waste disposal costs. Recycling also helps conserve valuable resources, reduces pollution from production of new materials and creates jobs.


How do they get recycled?

Once in a pallet processing facility, the different materials are separated, managed, and recycled according to their highest end-use and marketability. Depending on their material type, pallets can be broken down and recycled alongside wood, plastic, paper or metal. The most common type, wooden pallets, are usually considered clean wood and can be dismantled for scrap wood, chipped and then made into molded pallet.

More profitable Way, Turn Wood Waste into Pallet in Wood Recycling Industry

It is very simple project that turning wood waste into pallet in wood recycling industry. At the same time, it can gain more money to produce compressed wood pallet. While, ThoYu is the professional manufacturer of compressed wood pallet machine and pallet block machine. And we have more than 15 years of production experience. Plus, ThoYu also can provide the whole plan of pallet in wood recycling industry.

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