tree stump crusher

Tree stump crusher, also called tree root crusher, is mainly used for crushing specialized stumps of various tree stumps (buried in the underground) and can be broken into small pieces at one time.

tree stump crusher
tree stump crusher

Tree stump crusher can process pine, miscellaneous wood, Yangmu, Chinese fir, the original bamboo and other materials.

The tree stump crushing machine is widely used in the preparation section of small and medium-sized chipboard and fiber board manufacturers. The tree root crusher can also be used for self-employed production of commodity wood chips. tree root curshing machine is the first stage equipment for producing wood flour and sawdust. The stumps are broken by a tree stump crusher to obtain a small particle size and can be further processed into a wood crusher without drying.

tree root crusher
tree root crusher

Tree stump crusher performance characteristics

  1. Mechanical automatic feeding: easy and fast operation, high production efficiency.
  2. Smooth work: drum type, continuous smashing, and dynamic balancing, safe and reliable.
  3. Durable: steel structure components, solid and reliable choice of materials, using high-power self-aligning bearings, long service life.
  4. The use of low cost: low power; excellent selection of cutting knives, double-sided blade, life of 500 to 1000 hours, and can be repeated grinding.
  5. Easy to move: According to the requirements of customers, it can produce drag-and-drop mobile crusher, which is convenient for field production.

Tree stump crusher parameter

Model Feed Size(mm) Power(kw) Roller Diameter(mm) Knive Number Rotating Speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Discharge Size(mm) Weight(kg)
JL-826 1300 90*2 650 8 650 15-20 30-50
JL-828 1700 110*2 800 8 590 20-30 30-50


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