Single head pallet block machine is used to produce blocks for wood pallets.

Single head pallet block machine

The working principle is that the hydraulic cylinder provides high pressure and pushes the piston to extrude and mold the materials. The heating of the heating plate at a high temperature promote the solidification and molding of urea-formaldehyde glue, and thus to increase the strength of the block.

The products extruding from the compressed wood pallet block machine is cut according to certain length (usually around 1.2m). After cooling, then the second cutting. The reason for cooing is that the end product just formed by the machine is very hot and relatively soft, the temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If cut the products at this time, the cut surface will be very rough. Then cut the long strips of half-finished products to the final size you need. The block will be made.

The block is used to make the wood pallet feet which is for the transportation or storage pallet. The final product could get the E1 grade. The pallet feet could be solid without hole in the center, also could be hollow.

The advantages of final product from pallet block machine

  • free of fumigation. Because the block is made by hot pressing, it is free of fumigation.
  • it could recycle the wood waste efficiently.
  • easy to operate. one person could handle 3 machines.
  • Density of final product could get to 550-1000kg/CBM. You could choose what you need.

Block Sizes of Wood Pallet Block Machine/block making machine

Normally 90*90mm, 90*100mm, 100*100mm,80*90mm. If you have special requirements, we could customise while it is at the range from 75mm to 145mm. Besides, one machine could make two different block sizes.

The wood pallet block machine includes three different models, Triple heads wood block machine, Double heads wood block machine and single head pallet block machine.

Technical Parameter

Pallet block machine
Model TYS
Length and width of blcok 75-145mm
Power (kw) 16.86
Production efficiency (m3/24h) 2-3
Dimension with saw(mm) 8000*600*1500
Weight(KG) 1000
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