sawdust drying machine

Recently sawdust drying machine is successful installation in Tunisia, this sawdust dryer is used in pallet block production line, which is the key equipment in this production line, the project can meet the customer’s production needs, while having the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency.

the pallet block production line contains of a series of equipments, which has wood chipper machine, wood crushing machine, drying machine, glue mixing machine and sawdust wood pallet block machine.

sawdust drying machine
sawdust drying machine

Sawdust drying machine is suitable for the drying of biomass raw materials such as sawdust, sawdust, bamboo shavings, wooden shavings, shavings, and straw. Our company can optimize drying technology based on the characteristics of each biomass material, output size, application requirements, cost control, and ease of operation.

  • Production capacity (t/d): customizable
  • Footprint (m2): 8*40-15*55
  • Production cycle: 30-50 days

PalletMach Sawdust drying machine features

  1. Tailored
    Support customization, selection, design and manufacture according to customer special needs for equipment
  2. On-site guidance for installation and commissioning
    Dispatch engineers on site to plan the site, design installation process and plan. The professional after-sales team provides free installation and commissioning services to ensure the normal operation of the sawdust dryer.
  3. Training guidance production
    On-site training of operating personnel and the dispatch of full-time technical staff to assist customers in production, to achieve customer satisfaction.
  4. Simple operation
    The entire production line has a high degree of automation, a simple process, easy operation, and manual labor.
sawdust dryer
sawdust dryer

sawdust drying machine working principle

The material firstly enters the inner layer of the rotary drum by the feeding device, realizes the forward drying, and continuously copies and scatters under the copying board inside the inner layer to realize heat exchange in a spiral manner; and then moves to the other end of the inner layer to enter the middle layer. , Countercurrent drying, in the middle layer is repeatedly raised, into a two-step, one step backward; then in the middle can not only fully absorb the heat emitted by the inner drum, but also absorb the heat of the middle drum, while The drying time is extended and the material reaches a dry state here. The material goes to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. It travels in a rectangular multi-loop manner in the outer drum. The material that achieves the drying effect rapidly moves out of the drum under the action of hot air. Wet materials that do not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to their own weight. In this rectangular plate, it is dried sufficiently to complete the entire drying process.

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