Nowadays, when industrial development is mature, China’s manufacturing industry is well-known in the world. Traditional Wooden pallets can be seen everywhere on the production and logistics sites of various industries, and they are very common. As an important logistics transportation carrier, Traditional wooden pallets can be reused, so how to properly use Traditional wooden pallets to make them extend their service life better? The following Gutuo Packaging Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. summarizes a few points based on more than ten years of production experience for the use of customers.

1. Stacking is too high:

To save warehouse space, some manufacturers stack Traditional wooden pallets in multiple layers. This will cause excessive pressure on the Traditional wooden pallets at the bottom, and it will be easily collapsed due to high height. Usually, Traditional wooden pallets can only be stacked in two layers, and a wooden cover plate should be added between the cargo.

2. Forklift injury:
When moving the Traditional wooden pallets, the distance between the two forks should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the Traditional wooden pallets, and the depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the entire Traditional wooden pallets. Hydraulic trucks and forklifts should use a Traditional wooden pallets to move forward and backward and up and down at a uniform speed to avoid damage to the pallets caused by sudden braking and rapid rotation, and collapse of the cargo. The wood pallet Sichuan-shaped card board should be as far as possible without a bottom plate into the fork, and when inserting the fork, it should be accurately and smoothly inserted into the Traditional wooden pallets jack to avoid inserting the Traditional wooden pallets.

3. Human injury:

In order to complete the work task in advance, some forklift workers push the Traditional wooden pallets through the forks of the forklift.


4. Overload:

Generally, Traditional wooden pallets should be loaded when they are purchased. It should not be overweight or high in use. The height is generally controlled to 2/3 of the width of the Traditional wooden pallets. When the Traditional wooden pallets is stationary, the maximum strength that the wooden pallet can carry can be different. The strength of the Traditional wooden pallets with different structures can be different: the strength of the double-sided structure is the highest.

The above is the precautions for the traditional wooden pallets summarized by thoyu in the process of use. The molded pallets we manufacture can completely avoid the above problems. For the molded pallets, please contact to focus on wooden pallets.

presswood pallet
presswood pallet

The equipment needed to make molded pallet are wood pallet machine, wood chipperwood crusherdrying machineglue mixer.

ThoYu has a professional technical and service team, with more than 10 years’ experience of overseas installation and after-sales service. We also provide wood scrap recycling solution, thus you can build pallet blocks(used in EPAL pallet, learn more ) or presswood pallet(new fumigation-free pallet, learn more ), more information please feel free to contact us.


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