Our easy to clean, FDA-compliant polyethylene pallets have no crevices or holes for bacteria to hide, last infinitely longer and are more durable than injection-molded counterparts, and will not leave splinters or nails throughout your facility like wood pallets do.

You get these features in every Molded Plastic Pallet:

–Safer than wood pallets because there are no nails, splinters, or loose boards.

–Nonporous polyethylene resists dirt and contamination build-up as seen with wood pallets.

–Easy to clean by simply hosing down with soap and water; no difficult to clean holes or crevices as commonly seen with injection-molded pallets.

–Made with waste plastic and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.

Plastic Pallet Features & Benefits

A piece of design

Molded pallet is a molding, not easy to bend and provides better durability than injection-molded or wood versions.

Cargo Protection
Reduce load damage, no splinters, nails, metal fasteners, foreign materials.

High-density, polyethylene construction resists damage, extends service life.

Withstands heat and cold, rain or snow in transit or outdoor storage for limited periods. Non-rusting, resists staining, does not absorb moisture with upper surfaces being fully drainable.

USDA & FDA Approved
Meets requirements for handling food, beverage and meat products.

Export Ready
Plastic pallets are not regulated by ISPM-15 because they do not harbor pests and do not need to be heat-treated.


More profitable Way, Turn Wood Waste into Pallet in Wood Recycling Industry

It is very simple project that turning wood waste into pallet in wood recycling industry. At the same time, it can gain more money to produce compressed wood pallet. While, ThoYu is the professional manufacturer of compressed wood pallet machine. And we have more than 15 years of production experience. Plus, ThoYu also can provide the whole plan of pallet in wood recycling industry.

If you are interested in wood recycling, please contact us via email sales01@thoyu.com

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