Definition of plastic recyclability

In the circular economy, in order to better guide the efforts of plastics in the direction of sustainability, a unified definition is very important. Two international recycling organizations have developed a definition that governs the use of the term “recyclable”, which is relevant to plastic packaging and products. Plastic must meet the following four points […]

Precautions in using Traditional wooden pallets

Nowadays, when industrial development is mature, China’s manufacturing industry is well-known in the world. Traditional Wooden pallets can be seen everywhere on the production and logistics sites of various industries, and they are very common. As an important logistics transportation carrier, Traditional wooden pallets can be reused, so how to properly use Traditional wooden pallets […]

4 Steps of the Plastic Recycling Process

Why Plastic Recycling is the Need of the Hour  The ultimate goal of plastic recycling is to minimize pollution from plastics and create a cleaner, greener environment for the international community. This, in turn, greatly reduces the need to produce new plastic products from raw materials. Plastics are cheap, durable, lightweight and versatile. It can […]

5 advantages of non-fumigation European standard pallet

Non-fumigation European standard pallet suitable for all types of packaging of goods stacking belongs to the artificial plate material also known as three-pack, multi-layer plate, non-fumigation European standard pallet does not contain any pure wood material, high temperature suppression process completely remove any harmful biological materials, unique double-sided wood splint effectively enhance horizontal tension; Greatly […]

Holiday Notice of Spring Festival

Dear customers, Thank you for visiting ThoYu website. It is kindly informed that our company is scheduled for 10 days’ holidays. And the holidays are from February 1st, 2019 (Friday) to February 10th, 2019 (Sunday) for Chinese New Year Holiday. We will be back to work on February 11th, 2019 (Monday). Sorry for anything inconvenient […]

How much does it cost to make a wooden pallet in Tunisia? Analysis on the influencing factors of wooden pallet price

How much does it cost to make a wooden pallet? Analysis on the influencing factors of wooden pallet price Wooden pallet in accordance with the normal use of standards, can give full play to the effect of wooden pallet , in the long time goods with wooden pallet turnover process, not easy to damage, can […]


In the UK alone, an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood is generated annually, with approximately 60% of this being recovered and recycled. ThoYuPallets believes this should be much higher and is leading the industry in both the collection, reprocessing and recovery of wood and wood based products. From the repair and manufacture of […]

Plastic Pallets

Our easy to clean, FDA-compliant polyethylene pallets have no crevices or holes for bacteria to hide, last infinitely longer and are more durable than injection-molded counterparts, and will not leave splinters or nails throughout your facility like wood pallets do. You get these features in every Molded Plastic Pallet: –Safer than wood pallets because there […]

How to reduce timber waste?

The business of recycling wood waste debris in the log sort yard This article provides a general overview of the Canadian Logging industry and available new business opportunities to divert and recycle log sort yard wood waste, solid waste recyclable materials in the Canadian logging industry. Log sort yards provide many services in marketing wood […]

wood pallet feet block machine

Wood pallet feet block machine

Wood pallet feet block machine is a woodworking machine used to produce wood pallet feet block by hot pressing technology, you can use wood waste materials to make it, such as wood chips, sawdust, wood scraps, waste pallets etc, Wood pallet feet block machine is a very good equipment for wood waste recycle. The wood pallet […]


How to make better use of wood waste after UK timber price rising

There are many unfavorable factors in the market and the cost of the wood packaging manufacturing industry continues to rise. The UK market is even more affected, how to make better use of wood waste after UK timber price rising, ThoYu will give you a better choice. As the price of wooden pallets and the […]

China’s standard pallets “hold up” efficient logistics

Recently, 10 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Standardized Palletized Unitized Logistics”. According to the Opinions, by 2020, the standardization of China’s logistics standard has been significantly improved, the proportion of standard pallets in the national pallet inventory has increased from the current 27% to over 32%, […]

wood waste

Why wood waste recycling is important in Singapore

In just one year, Singapore’s furniture factory can produce more than 500,000 tons of wood waste. This waste is mainly in the form of sawdust,how to deal with the wood waste is a big problem,so this is why wood waste recycling is important in Singapore. we have some method to recycle wood waste,traditional is using […]

wood shavings block making machine

Wood shavings block making machine for sale

The wood shavings block making machine mainly uses waste materials such as shavings and sawdust, and is dried by a dryer, then mixed with the glue and finally heated and pressed by a hot press machine. The wood shavings block produced are smooth, waterproof (Soaking water for 48 hours without cracking, wind and sun do […]

wood scrap

Where did the wood scrap after furniture processing go?

A solid wood furniture production mainly includes the following processes: blanking – drying – pressure planing – engraving – carpentry – grinding – paint waxing. In every step of the process, wood scrap is inevitably generated. Where does this wood scrap come from and where does it go? With this problem, the author visited a […]

wood pallet feet

Everything you need to know about wood pallet feet

Wood pallet feet, also known as pallet foot pad, square pier and so on. According to the different styles of pallets, it can be divided into four-side forks and two-side forks; In accordance with the material can be divided into solid wood pallet feet, wood shavings pallet feet, multi-layer pallet feet and sawdust pallet feet […]