In 2015, respected clients from South Africa come to visit our press pallet factory. Our sale manager Robin wu received and treat them. We seriously discussed their requirements and our machines’ details, including the strength, density, size and nailed side of pallet blocks. After we know wood sawdust as their main materials, we showed a sample made of wood sawdust. They feel very content with the quality of sample and set the sample as the goal that they are going to reach. Very satisfied and impressed with the quality of press wood pallet block production line and service, they would like to build deep cooperation relationship with us and put forward to be as the agent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Then we also arrange to visit the good glue and nail supplier to meet their requirement. Now they have built successful pallet block production line and it runs very well.

Not only we supply good quality machines as a manufacturer but also supply good service. Every year we will visit our clients’ factory to do normal maintenance and update our new technology.

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