There are many unfavorable factors in the market and the cost of the wood packaging manufacturing industry continues to rise. The UK market is even more affected, how to make better use of wood waste after UK timber price rising, ThoYu will give you a better choice.

UK timber price rising

As the price of wooden pallets and the price of raw materials interact with each other, the supply and demand sides of the pallet market are not subject to a sudden storm.The key to this problem lies in the shrinking supply of wood raw materials and the increase in global demand for sheet and wood packaging.

The main factors, as cited by TIMCON, for the recent and ongoing timber price increases worldwide include :

  • High demand for timber globally, particularly from China
  • Scandinavian timber flowing to the US market for construction
  • An unfavourable exchange rate caused by Brexit (sending their traditional suppliers to other markets with more favourable prices)
  • Baltic supplies down due to unseasonable wet weather
  • Good UK Demand
  • Subsidised biomass industry buying up small logs which the packaging and pallet industry uses
  • Weather has temporarily affected the harvesting of home-grown timber

So, how to make better use of wood waste is more important, ThoYu give you two chioces, one is using wood waste to make presswood pallets, another is using wood waste to make wood block (used as feet in wood pallet), these two wood waste recycling solution is good invest project for woodworking industry.

wood waste
wood waste

the process of above solutions is basically similar, the main product is different, the equipment used to make presswood pallet is presswood pallet making machine, it divides into two types: single mould and double mould,also the equipment used to make wood pallet block is sawdust block machine, it divides into thress types: single head, double heads, three heads, the different types of products have different capacity.

So, you can choose the right solution for your wood waste recycling, after you can choice the most suitable model according to your materials and capacity, and then we will give you a design and planning of production line,you may be concerned about the cost of the production line and the profit, don’t worry, our sales manager will give you a Investment Benefit Analysis Report to you, so you can make better decisions.

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