How much does it cost to make a wooden pallet? Analysis on the influencing factors of wooden pallet price

Wooden pallet in accordance with the normal use of standards, can give full play to the effect of wooden pallet , in the long time goods with wooden pallet turnover process, not easy to damage, can extend the life of wooden pallet, the use of wooden pallet cost, wooden pallet price to 1 tons of load pallet For example, white pine pallet about 60 yuan, steel pallet about 120 yuan, Plastic pallet about 200 yuan (the above prices are for reference only), different manufacturers use different materials, the price will vary greatly. Next, the small part of the odd dragon wood industry to tell you that the price of wooden pallets by those factors affected?

First, raw materials of wooden pallet in Tunisia

Wooden pallet in Tunisia is the use of what raw materials to make, is pine, hard miscellaneous wood, or imported materials, different materials and different material, the price is not the same.

1, Hard miscellaneous wood Category: Large wood hardness, used for pallet production of sawn timber to elm, birch, acacia, willow and so on as common, its texture is dense, hard and heavy wood, load-bearing good, but few large materials, affordable.

2, Poplar Category: Loose and soft material, poor durability, suitable for the manufacture of load-bearing requirements of the pallet, the price is lower.

3, Pine Category: Texture thick solid, wood hard, affordable, is the manufacture of pallets, one of the common types of materials, mostly used in the manufacture of fine packaging, higher prices. Thus, wooden pallet raw materials have many kinds, if the goods are very heavy can choose the hardness of the mixed tree, the need for good color can choose pine trees, the goods are relatively light, want to cost low point of choice poplar. Need to export quickly, enjoy clearance exemption can choose non-fumigation pallet.

Second, wooden pallet workmanship Different quality of pallets, workmanship requirements are also different, the price is not the same.

You can judge the workmanship of wooden pallets from the following aspects:

1, to see if there is cracking phenomenon in the wooden pallet; the cracked part is located at the force, and the length reaches a certain degree, it is not qualified.

2, see wooden pallet Panel and pad or longitudinal beam junction nail is firm, and each junction of the number of nails should not be less than 2, nails must use standard threaded nails, the length must be more than 3 times times the panel.

3, wooden pallet size tolerances meet the requirements; length and width direction error is greater than 5mm, diagonal tolerance greater than 10mm, for unqualified products. 4, wooden pallet appearance, surface treatment is smooth, whether there is burr, crack head and whether there is mold phenomenon, if there is the above phenomenon, then this wooden pallet for unqualified products.

Third, the loss

Wooden pallets are worn out during the production process, However, this represents a small rate.

Fourth. Shipping cost

This involves freight or the customer’s own door to pick up the goods, here is not carefully illustrated, specific can consult ThoYu

Fifth, labor costs

Sixth, wooden pallet in Tunisia export costs

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