high-efficient wood crushing machine for wood log  is a special equipment to produce wood chips, which is widely used in particleboard, medium and high density fiberboard factory and other wood industries. high-efficent wood crusher for wood log has advanced and compact structure, high-quality chipping, widely applicable of raw materials, easy operation and low maintenance.

It has 2 feeding ports, one for small raw material like branches and the other for big materials like boards and logs. It can separate the nails from old woods.

high-efficient wood crushing machine is mainly used for processing pine, mixed wood, lumber, Chinese fir, original bamboo and other materials, and is more suitable for processing wood chips in edible mushroom culture medium. Meanwhile, scrap mill can also be used for bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, The stalks of stalks such as sorghum stalks can be processed into sawdust and wood-like products at one time by cutting twigs, board slats, small-diameter core wood, scraps, wood chips, bamboo, cotton stalks, and other materials, with less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic returns, ease of use and maintenance.

high-efficient wood crushing machine
high-efficient wood crushing machine

The high-efficient wood crushing machine mainly consists of a chip removal device, a crushing device, and a fan. The chip size of the wood after shaving by the chip-removing device is small and can be sent to the smashing device for further smashing without drying, and the crushed product is sent to the gathering site by the fan.

The high-efficient wood crusher machine is more complex than the hammer-type wood crusher, and its exterior structure is almost the same. It consists of a shell, a base, a pulley, and an induced draft fan, but the internal crushing chamber is completely different.

Parameter of high-efficient wood crushing machine

Model TYSC-1500
Capacity 4-10T/H
Main power 2*55kw+7.5kw
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3Phase
Weight 6.5T
Dimension 4300*2700*3300mm

ThoYu woodworking machine includes high-efficient wood crushing machine, wood chipper machinesmall capacity wood crusher,drum wood chipper machine and etc.

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