Hammer Integrated Wood Crusher

hammer integrated wood crusher is an upgraded equipment based on the equipment of the template crusher itself. The device combines the advantages of a template crusher and abandons the shortcomings of the template crusher that cannot crush large pieces of material.

Hammer Integrated Wood Crusher

  • Power: 90KW-160 KW
  • Capacity: 25-40 t/h

The hammer integrated wood crushing machine is suitable for a variety of materials such as waste containers, templates, plates, branches, wooden crates, trays and so on. The function is more powerful, stable and reliable, the material has wide applicability, the function is outstanding, the operation and repair are convenient, it is a green and low-carbon efficient equipment.

Hammer integrated wood crusher working principle

The hammer integrated wood crusher is mainly based on impact energy to complete the crushing of wood operations. When the hammer wood crusher works, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the wood evenly enters the integrated wood crusher cavity. The high-speed rotating hammer head impacts, shears and tears the wood to be broken, under the action of its own gravity, the wood rushes from the high-speed rotating hammer head to the baffle plate and the screen strip in the frame body. In the lower part of the rotor, a sieve plate is provided. The wood less than the mesh size in the crushed wood is discharged through the sieve plate, and the wood larger than the mesh size is retained in the sieve. The board continues to be hit and ground by the hammer.

Hammer Integrated Wood Crushing Machine

Hammer integrated wood crusher model parameter

Model Feed Size (mm) Motor Power (kw) Feed Power (kw) Output Power (kw) Rotating Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Dimensions (mm)
JL-1000 1000*400 110 5.5*2 3 510 15-20 6000*2150*1750
JL-1300 1300*400 132 7.5*2 3 510 20-25 6000*2350*1750
JL-1500 1500*400 160 11*2 4 365 25-35 6000*2950*1950
JL-1600 1600*400 200 15*2 4 365 35-45 6000*2950*1950
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