garden branch shredder

Our company’s latest garden branch shredder fills the blank of this kind of garden machinery in China. At present, most of the branch shredder used in the gardening sector in China are imported from abroad and are expensive. The garden branch shredding machine produced by our company has good crushing performance, high work efficiency, convenient use, and safety and reliability.This product is at the same level as foreign products and reaches the domestic advanced level.

garden branch shredding machine
garden branch shredding machine

Garden branch shredder application

The garden branch shredding machine is suitable for gardening, forestry, highway tree maintenance, parks, golf courses and other departments. It is mainly used for crushing various branches cut off by pruning trees, and can be used as covers, garden beds, organic fertilizers, and food after crushing, biomass and biomass power generation can also be used to produce high-density boards, particle board, paper industry, etc. After being crushed, it can be sprayed directly into the transport vehicle. Its transport volume is 1/10 of the original branch’s traffic volume. This garden branch crusher can crush the branches at any time and place, and is easy to move.

garden branch shredder
garden branch shredder

Garden branch shredder structure

garden branch shredding machine mainly consists of a power section, a body, a feeding mechanism, and a hydraulic system.

  1. The power part; the local power part is composed of diesel engine power, belt and clutch.
  2. When the diesel engine starts, the clutch needs to be turned to an idle state, and load after the diesel engine runs well.
  3. The body consists of a series of components such as a chassis, a crushing chamber, a bearing chamber, and a traction section.
  4. After the frame is welded with a thick profile, it is aged and finally boring-milled. Not only increases the seat strength but also guarantees the bearing seat assembly accuracy.
  5. Rotor; rotor shaft and flying knife are made of 45 steel after processing. After the assembly is completed, a dynamic balance test is performed to ensure the overall stability of the entire machine during system operation.
  6. Feeding mechanism; the feeding mechanism consists of an adjustable toothed feed roller and a hydraulic motor.
  7. The feed roller is made of alloy steel, which ensures its durability in the feeding process. The special saw teeth can press the material tightly to ensure that the material can be fed continuously and smoothly without slipping.
  8. Hydraulic control system; This hydraulic system consists of gear pump, hydraulic cycloid motor, manual combination valve, solenoid valve and other components. The system is divided into manual control and automatic control.
  9. In automatic control, the start and stop of feed can be automatically controlled according to the load of the diesel engine. Manual control can controls the entry, stop, and exit of materials.

The electromechanical control system adopts an advanced dynamic monitoring device to monitor the rotation speed of the rotor pulley and feedback the load of the diesel engine to the hydraulic system so as to automatically control the entry speed of the material.

Garden branch shredder parameter

Model Power Diesel Model Diesel Start Mode Fuel Consumption Diameter Capacity Rotating Speed Walking Form
JL-570 22kw JL 4100(Booster) Electric Start 6L/h ≤150mm 1500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailer
JL -670 30kw 4105 Electric Start 8L/h ≤200mm 2500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailer
JL -770 45kw JL 4105(Booster) Electric Start 10L/h ≤230mm 3500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailer
JL -870 55kw 6105 Electric Start 15L/h ≤250mm 4500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailer
JL -970 75kw JL 6105(Booster) Electric Start 18L/h ≤300mm 5500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailer
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