wood pallet feet

Wood pallet feet, also known as pallet foot pad, square pier and so on. According to the different styles of pallets, it can be divided into four-side forks and two-side forks; In accordance with the material can be divided into solid wood pallet feet, wood shavings pallet feet, multi-layer pallet feet and sawdust pallet feet and so on.

Common specifications: According to different forklift fork heights, wood pallet feets generally have the following common dimensions: 80X80mm, 90X90mm, 100X100mm, 90X120mm, 14X14mm and 120X80mm and so on.

wood pallet feet
wood pallet feet

What are the types of wood pallet feets?

Different models of wooden pallet feet prices are not uniform, so consult palletmach specifically.

Multi-layer board feets: Multilayer board feets are nailed together with a certain size of composite board or plywood, and are earlier fumigation-free foots. At present, there are mainly new slabs and leftovers as raw materials to make feet.

Advantages: avoid fumigation, bearing weight is higher than the sawdust feet, the surface after grinding is relatively smooth, and the board surface color consistent with the company’s own scrap can reduce costs.

Solid wood feet: solid wood foot is made of solid wood, divided into two pieces of solid wood and solid wood glue.

Advantages: Solid wood foot pier has a large load, high repeated use, high strength, strong nail grip, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

Sawdust feet pier: The sawdust foot pier uses waste sawdust or crushed wood as raw materials, and is pressed into a plate shape by a high-temperature and high-pressure hydraulic machine, and then sawn into a strip of desired specifications through a sawing machine. The price is very cheap, and it is a widely used foothold in China. Because of its strength, it is also weak in various foot piers.

Advantages: no fumigation, low price, simple process, large output, simple processing, easy to cut, with a certain carrying capacity, similar color and panel, using waste materials, saving forestry resources.

Wood shavings feets: Wood shavings foots are made of wood shavings, which are rich in vegetable fibers. They are extruded through square molds and extruded into high-temperature, high-pressure slivers.

Advantages: no fumigation, smooth and clean surface, high strength, good water resistance, simple processing, alternative solid wood can save a lot of wood.

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