In the circular economy, in order to better guide the efforts of plastics in the direction of sustainability, a unified definition is very important. Two international recycling organizations have developed a definition that governs the use of the term “recyclable”, which is relevant to plastic packaging and products.

Plastic must meet the following four points before this product is considered recyclable:

1. The product must be made of plastic, which has market value after recycling, or is supported by legally authorized procedures.

2. The product must be classified and aggregated in the defined recycling process.

3. This product can be processed and recycled / recycled through commercial recycling processes.

4. Recycled plastic can become a raw material for producing new products.

In addition, innovative materials must demonstrate that they can be collected and sorted, that they are compatible with existing industrial recycling processes, or that a sufficient number is available to justify operating a new recycling process.

While this definition will be applied in scope, both also understand the complexity of plastic recycling systems and welcome comments from the plastic recycling industry and relevant stakeholders. This definition is currently supported by PETCORE Europe. A uniform definition of recycling is an important step in coordinating the plastics recycling industry.

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