Recently, 10 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Standardized Palletized Unitized Logistics”. According to the Opinions, by 2020, the standardization of China’s logistics standard has been significantly improved, the proportion of standard pallets in the national pallet inventory has increased from the current 27% to over 32%, and the proportion of applicable fields has increased from the current 65% to more than 70%. , Logistic reduction and efficiency gains have made significant progress.

standard pallets
standard pallets

The spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce spokesperson at the regular briefing held by the Ministry of Commerce on January 18th said that 10 departments jointly issued “Opinions” to promote the use of standard pallets to promote the convergence of upstream and downstream facilities and equipment in the logistics industry and improve the logistics chain. The efficiency of each link promotes the development of the logistics industry to high quality.

“Small” pallets shake up big changes

Lai Yang, Dean of Beijing Jingshang Circulation Research Institute, said in an interview with the International Business Daily that if standard pallets are used during the transportation of goods and unloading, the time for stopping the delivery of vehicles and the operating time of the staff will be greatly shortened. , Reduce logistics costs and save transportation space. However, the pallet standards produced by various Chinese companies are different, and the design of freight vehicle capacity is also different. Therefore, the logistics efficiency is affected.

The above problems have been long-standing, and the solution path has also been clarified in the industry development plan. The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of the “Development of Business Logistics” proposes that we should develop unitized logistics, use standard pallet recycling as an entry point, promote the packaging base module and container equipment, and drive the standardization of upstream and downstream logistics.

Chen Lifen, deputy director and researcher of the Service Industry Research Center of the Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with the International Business Daily that the adoption of standard pallet recycling will promote the convergence of upstream and downstream facilities and equipment in the logistics industry and significantly improve logistics efficiency. In order to share the pallet resources upstream and downstream of the logistics, the average logistics cost will eventually be reduced by about 10%.

standard pallets
standard pallets

Since 2014, the Ministry of Commerce, together with the Ministry of Finance and the National Standards Committee, have carried out relevant pilot work, and the proportion of standard pallets in the amount of pallets has continued to increase rapidly. By the end of the first half of 2017, its share has reached 28%, which is 5 percentage points higher than before the trial period. The efficiency of logistics operations has improved and the loss rate of goods has decreased. However, compared with developed countries, the current proportion of China’s standard pallet recycling and boarded transport is still low. The “Opinions” put forward six tasks for this status quo, including accelerating the promotion and application of standard pallets with uniform specifications and quality; promoting the standardization of all links in the logistics chain and matching with standard pallets; promoting the circulation of logistics vehicles; promoting logistics Unitized and integrated operation; improve the level of information and intelligence in the logistics chain; promote advanced and mature models and promote the wide application of standard pallets.

Chen Lifen believes that the six development tasks mentioned above focus on the development of unitized logistics, applying the standards to equipment and equipment such as packing boxes and freight vehicles, so as to make the logistics more smoothly connected upstream and downstream; and promoting the circulation of logistics vehicles to improve information and intelligence. , In the reduction of logistics costs while effectively improving the efficiency of logistics. “The introduction of the “Opinions” is a concrete move to implement the spirit of the Party’s Nineteenth Congress, which has made China’s logistics standardization a big step forward,” said Chen Lifen.

Encourage the logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Standardization and unitization are frequent high-frequency keywords in the “Opinions”. Industry insiders pointed out that this will be an important direction for the development of China’s logistics industry in the future. According to the deployment, China will promote the use of unitized logistics carriers and link up with standard pallets, promote the standardization of logistics supporting facilities and equipment, encourage the standardization of logistics facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores, and encourage the use of standards by manufacturing companies. Pallets and crates will integrate products into standardized and standardized containerized units, and develop unitized logistics from the source.

In this regard, Chen Lifen pointed out that in continuing to promote the wisdom, intensive and standardization process, the government should focus on improving the relevant institutional mechanisms, promote the entire logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

Gao Feng stated that in the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will, together with related departments, provide measures and guarantees from the aspects of improving the standard system, increasing policy support, creating a market environment, and strengthening related training, and promote the cost reduction of the logistics industry in China by promoting the application of standard pallets. Improve efficiency and quality.

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