automatic wood chipper machine

The automatic wood chipper machine can cut logs, small diameter materials and branches with a diameter of less than 200mm. automatic wood chipping machine is suitable for pulp mills, forest and wood mills, paper mills and wood chip factories. The output of this series of wood chipper machine is 2~160 cubic meters per hour. Users can choose their own models according to their needs.

automatic wood chipper machine
automatic wood chipper machine

automatic wood chipping machineThe disk automatic wood chipper machine consists of a base, a cutter plate, a feed port, a housing, and an electronic control system. In order to continuously meet the requirements of high quality, high efficiency and high quality in the market, our company has been updating and renovating the disc wood chipper products year after year to continuously improve product performance.

Automatic wood chipper machine working principle

Automatic wood chipper structure: mainly composed of host, coupling, chassis, motor and other four parts, in which the host of the chipper is composed of cutter plate, upper and lower cover shell, feeding inlet and discharge outlet.

Automatic wood chipper working principle: wood is fed into the feed port. When the wood touches the cutting blade, it is cut along with the high-speed rotation of the cutting blade, and the sliced wood is cut in the cutting room. The high-speed steam generated by the blade on the cutter head is sent out.

automatic wood chipping machine

Automatic wood chipper machine performance characteristics

  1. The wood chipper machine adopts low-voltage or high-voltage motor, pulley drive and direct-drive two kinds; the feed is divided into two levels: horizontal and inclined, and the discharging can be done in two ways: upper and lower discharge.
  2. Chipper compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, convenient operation and maintenance, high production capacity; when cutting logs, the quality of wood chips is high, and the length of wood chips can be freely adjusted within the specified range. It is a domestic advanced disk shavings. machine.
  3. the output can be customized according to user needs.
  4. The chipper consists of a machine base, a cutter plate, a feed port, a cover, and an electronic control system.
Model Cutter Diameter(mm) Cutter Speed(r/min) Chip Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Feeding Method Feeding Port Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Wood Maximum Diameter(mm) Discharging Method Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
JL-1000 1000 610 2-50 2-15 Parallel Feed 300×300 5-7 30-37 250 Oblique 1600 2200*850*1500
JL-1200 1200 490 2-50 2-15 Parallel Feed 335×335 7-10 37-45 300 Oblique 2700 2400*1100*1600
JL-1400 1400 490 2-50 2-15 Parallel Feed 360×360 10-15 45-55 350 Oblique 3300 2600*1250*1750
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