Air flow dryer is a hot air pulse dryer, also called hot air pipe dryer. The advantage of this air flow drying machine is direct heating, fast drying, folding installation, saving space. The air flow dryer is to used to mix the wet raw material and the high temperature air flow and finally separate the water from the raw material through the separator. the aif flow dryer machine is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries.

The air flow drying equipment works as follows: After the dehydrated wet material is added into the dryer, the board is uniformly turned in the pipe, the material is uniformly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air to obtain a granular dry product. Open up feed resources, reduce feeding costs, and reduce environmental pollution have good results.

Air flow dryer
Air flow dryer

Air flow dryer machine use the principle of airflow instant drying. The powder/sheet/wet granule shape paring sawdust, screw conveyor will be continuous to join drying pipe. In high-speed transmission and dispersion of heat flow, make the wet materials moisture evaporation, get the process of dry powder or granular products. It can dry the following materials: rice husk, sawdust, and shredded wood shavings, wood and other granular materials( less than 3mm in diameter, less thank 5mm in length)

The air flow dryer machine is specially used in pallet block production line. It is used to dry the material from moisture 50% to 10%. This machine is best suitable for sawdust, shavings and less than 5cm long thin slices. And 2cbm burning furnace should be built with bricks.

Air flow dryer machine parameter

Model Air flow dryer machine
Capacity 800-1000kg/h
Dimension 10,000*1,500*3000mm
Power 11kw
Weight 2500kg
Moisture range 10%-50%

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