Non-fumigation European standard pallet suitable for all types of packaging of goods stacking belongs to the artificial plate material also known as three-pack, multi-layer plate, non-fumigation European standard pallet does not contain any pure wood material, high temperature suppression process completely remove any harmful biological materials, unique double-sided wood splint effectively enhance horizontal tension; Greatly increase its carrying capacity, low aldehyde formula, can better reflect human care.

European standard pallet

1- Export non-fumigation, no disinfection, visa-free, convenient and fast entry and exit;
2- The product is beautiful than the Traditional of wooden pallets, at the same time with high pressure resistance, high load-bearing performance;
3- Can effectively avoid the traditional wooden pallets of wood knots, insect decay, color difference, high humidity defects;
4- Waterproof performance is good, the production process is simple, the cost is low;
5- European standard pallet can replace wooden pallets, the use of adaptability.

European standard pallet

Goods in Europe need to choose 1210 pallets (1200mm x 1000mm) or 1208 pallets (1200mm x 800mm); 1140mm or 1067mm x 1067mm pallets;
Goods to the United States to choose 48-inch x 40-inch pallets, the domestic common lying 1210 pallets to the United States.
1200mm x 1000mm pallets are the most widely used in the world and are also widely used in China.

The equipment needed to make American and European standard pallet are CNC wood saw, Pallet block cutting machine, Pallet legs nailing machine, Pallet nailing and stacking machine, Pallet stringer slot making machine, Pallet deck board chamfer making machine.

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