Why Plastic Recycling is the Need of the Hour 

The ultimate goal of plastic recycling is to minimize pollution from plastics and create a cleaner, greener environment for the international community. This, in turn, greatly reduces the need to produce new plastic products from raw materials.

Plastics are cheap, durable, lightweight and versatile. It can be easily molded and reshaped into different products that can be used in a variety of applications. The world produces more than 100 million tons of plastic each year, and about 200 billion pounds of new plastic materials are being thermoformed, foamed, coated and squeezed into millions of products and packaging. Subsequently, the recycling and recycling of plastic products became extremely important.

What is waste plastic recycling?

Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles an hour to throw them away. Have you ever wondered what will happen when plastic products achieve their goals? Each year, plastic products that end up entering the ocean kill about 1 million seabirds and 100,000 species of marine mammals. These plastic products and packaging account for 10% of global waste and take hundreds of years to degrade.

Waste plastic recycling is the process of recycling waste plastic and reprocessing it into useful functional items. The plastic recycling process consumes 88% less energy than using raw raw materials to produce new plastic products. It also helps save resources, reduce landfills, and transfer plastics from unexpected destinations such as the sea.

However, the recycling of waste plastics presents many challenges, from sorting and processing mixed plastics to removing residues and recycling materials.

The simplest process of plastic recycling involves the following seven steps:


waste plastic
waste plastic

This is the first step in the waste plastic recycling process. Plastic products and packaging materials (e.g. containers, wide-mouthed bottles, bottles and bags) are collected from restaurants, businesses and households.



Plastics are shredded into small

Plastics are shredded into small, reusable fragments using plastic shredders.



Plastics are melting using plastic Extruder,During this step, the plastic particles are smashed and melted which are then used for the manufacturing of finished plastic products.



Melted plastic into a molded plastic pallet using by wood pallet machine

Plastic recycling also helps boost economic development by generating employment opportunities, maximizes landfill diversions, and helps industries save big on landfill taxes. The money saved can then be invested on effective plastic recycling process. More and more industries are embracing a sustainable approach by adopting the plastic recycling process.

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